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Terreau Substrat

Terreau Substrat

Elevate your gardening with Terreau Substrat, a top-tier potting soil that promises to transform any garden into a flourishing oasis. At its core, 100% Organic Sphagnum Peat, renowned for fostering healthy plant growth, is blended through sophisticated, fully automatic, computer-controlled processes. This ensures a product that surpasses the stringent European Union standards for quality.

Terreau Substrat’s production guarantees a potting mix that is perfectly balanced for pH, moisture, and nutrients, catering to a broad spectrum of gardening needs. From flowers and herbs to vegetables, it creates an ideal environment for robust root development and vibrant plant growth.

Choosing Terreau Substrat means investing in your garden’s future, ensuring your plants have the best foundation to thrive, bloom, and yield abundantly. Witness your garden transform with Terreau Substrat, where quality meets consistency for unparalleled gardening success.

50 L New Design Cropped

Key Benefits & Features

  • High-Quality Composition: Made exclusively with 100% Organic Sphagnum Peat for superior quality.
  • Optimal Growth Environment: Ensures the right balance of water retention and drainage for healthy root development.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for a wide array of plants including flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more.
  • Pest and Weed-Free: Rigorously controlled to be free from pests and weeds, promoting safer growth.
  • EU Standard Compliance: Produced to meet stringent European Union standards for quality and safety.
  • Sustainable and Organic: Prioritizes plant health and environmental sustainability.

Instructions for Use

  1. Fill Containers: Begin by filling your trays, pots, or containers with Terreau Substrat.
  2. Planting: Depending on your gardening project, you can either sow seeds directly into the substrate, transplant seedlings, or repot existing plants into the filled containers.
  3. Placement: After planting, place the containers in areas that meet the light requirements of your plants, whether they need full sun, partial shade, or full shade.
  4. Watering: Water the plants regularly, adjusting the frequency and amount based on the specific needs of each plant.
  5. Fertilizing: Terreau Substrat comes with starter fertilizer already added. Monitor plant growth and apply subsequent fertilization as required by the type of plants you are growing.
  6. Monitoring: Keep an eye on the plants for any signs of over-watering or under-watering and adjust your care routine accordingly.

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