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Solvika Peat Moss

Solvika Peat Moss

Discover the secret to thriving plants with Solvika Peat Moss. Sourced from the purest bogs and swamps, our peat moss is a treasure trove of partially decomposed plant material, rich in essential nutrients. This organic wonder is your ultimate tool to create a nurturing environment for all types of plants, providing them with the care and nourishment they need to grow strong and healthy.


Peat moss, a remarkable soil conditioner, is a must-have for anyone looking to breathe new life into their plants. Its moisture-retaining properties are unparalleled, ensuring your plants stay hydrated, even in dry spells​. This high absorbency also means it is perfect for plants that crave a moist environment, while its porosity ensures vital air circulation for roots​.

The peat moss’s slightly acidic nature is especially beneficial for plants that favor such conditions, allowing them to flourish as never before​. It’s a natural choice for growers who want more control over the nutrient levels in their soil, as it provides a stable growing environment without an excess of nutrients​​.



  • Moisture Retention: Solvika Peat Moss is highly absorbent, retaining a significant amount of water to prevent soil from drying out, ensuring the moisture stays around plant roots.

  • Aeration: Despite its moisture-retaining properties, Solvika Peat Moss is porous, allowing air to circulate around the roots of plants. Good aeration is essential for healthy root growth.

  • Nutrient Content: Solvika Peat Moss contains small amounts of essential plant nutrients and trace elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, manganese, and copper. It provides a stable and consistent growing environment without excess nutrients, allowing for more control over soil nutrient levels.

  • Improved Root Growth: The spongy texture of Solvika Peat Moss encourages root growth and its high water-holding capacity helps keep roots hydrated.

  • Sterility: Harvested from naturally pathogen and weed-free bogs, Solvika Peat Moss is a clean growing medium, less likely to spread disease or invasive species compared to alternatives.

  • Low pH Level: With a pH level of 3.5-4.5, Solvika Peat Moss is perfect for growing acid-loving plants such as blueberries and rhododendrons.

Instructions for Use

  1. Choose the Right Type: Solvika offers a variety of peat moss, including Lithuanian White, Lithuanian Black, and a mix of 50% White + 50% Black. Each type is screened for quality and comes in different raw weights, allowing you to choose the best fit for your needs.

  2. Apply the Peat Moss: Mix the Solvika Peat Moss into your garden soil or potting mix. The ratio of peat moss to soil will depend on the specific needs of your plants and the existing condition of your soil.

  3. Water Thoroughly: After applying the peat moss, water your plants thoroughly. The peat moss will retain the water and release it slowly to your plants.

  4. Monitor and Adjust: Monitor the health of your plants and adjust the amount of water and additional nutrients as needed. Remember, Solvika Peat Moss provides a consistent growing environment, allowing for more control over soil nutrient levels.

  5. Repeat as Needed: Repeat the process as needed to maintain a healthy and nurturing environment for your plants.

Experience the magic of Solvika Peat Moss and watch as your plants flourish in their new, nutrient-rich home. Bring the power of nature to your garden with Solvika Peat Moss!

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